published October/November/December 2013

Link to Systems Biomedicine website:
Systems Biomedicine, sbv IMPROVER Special Issue, Volume 1, Issue 4


Links to the articles of the sbv IMPROVER Special Issue:

published 10 October 2013

BioSpectrum Asia website:
Network verification challenge to map bio networks


published 10 October 2013

Link to American Laboratory website:
Network Verification Challenge opens a new chapter for sbv IMPROVER


published 30 April 2013

Link to Techonomy website:
Do We Get Sick Like Rats? A New Philip Morris Prize Asks the Crowd


published 28 February 2013

Link to About.Com, Biotech / Biomedical website:
Are Science Publications Too “Old School” for 21st Century Bioscience?

published 26 February 2013

Link to American Laboratory website:
R&D Informatics at Molecular Med Tri-Con 2013


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