The sbv IMPROVER Microbiomics Challenge in A Nutshell

The sbv IMPROVER Microbiomics Challenge in A Nutshell

The Challenge is now closed. Stay tuned to see the results!

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Accurately determining the composition and function of the microbiome can shed light on its role in diseases and lead to the development of new therapies and/or diagnostic tools.

The “Microbiota composition prediction” challenge

This challenge has been designed to evaluate the performance of computational microbiome analysis pipelines for their ability to predict the microbial composition of samples based on sequencing data. 


  • Which pipelines best recovers bacterial community composition and relative abundance?
  • Do technical biases and specific microbial composition affect the performance?



Get started

Who can participate?

Anyone with an interest in sequencing data analysis in general, or in microbiomics can participate: simply register here (refer to “Eligibility” section of the Challenge Rules)


  • Contribute and help the scientific community to benchmark computational methods objectively and establish standards and best practices in computational metagenomics data analysis.
  • Win a travel grant worth USD 2,000 that will be awarded to the three best performing teams (see rules). This will consist of the reimbursement of expenses for your travel to a symposium organized in 2018. This may be applicable for up to two people per team. The travel grant will be used for actual expenses incurred for plane/train travel and accommodation, and is subject to restrictions.
  • Contribute to writing peer-reviewed scientific article(s) describing the outcome of the challenge.


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