The Network Jamboree: An in-person meeting for discussion and consensus

The Network Jamboree: An in-person meeting for discussion and consensus


Jennifer S. Park, Ph.D.

The Network Jamboree webinar will describe the goals and format of the Network Verification Challenge (NVC) Jamboree, which will take place the 18-20 March 2014 in Montreux, Switzerland. The NVC reputation system is an important feature of the Challenge and will be detailed in this webinar. Multiple activities related to network enhancement earn points and contribute to a user’s overall standing on the Leaderboard, including edge approval/rejection and insertion of new edge evidence. We will provide specific examples of each of the network-level activities users may undertake and the points associated with each action. We will also discuss how the accumulation of points will contribute toward an invitation and travel bursary to attend the NVC Jamboree.
During the NVC Jamboree, ambiguous network edges that were not approved or rejected during the open phase, as well as other controversial features of the network, will be discussed among the participants and key scientific attendees to finalize the collection of networks. The framework for this discussion will be reviewed along with examples of edge types that have been discussed in previous network jamborees held during initial construction of the networks. The NVC Jamboree represents a valuable opportunity to interact with scientific experts in multiple areas of biology and a chance to shape and finalize these networks as well as contribute ideas to the next phase of network crowdsourcing.

About the Speaker

Jennifer has been a scientist at Selventa since 2008, during which time she built numerous molecular models for different inflammatory diseases, cancer and metabolic diseases. She was the scientific lead for building the tissue repair and angiogenesis networks that will be reviewed during the Network Verification Challenge, and she has been heavily involved with construction of the other NVC networks as well as contributing to the development of the biological impact factor toxicity scoring application for these networks. Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science degree in Bioengineering from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and received a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley, CA.

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