The 2nd Network Verification Challenge (NVC) open phase ran until June 2015. The biological networks were available on the dedicated challenge website for further review and enhancement. Best performers were invited to the Jamboree  held 15th-18th June 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.

The Jamboree report summarizing the different oral presentations is available here.

The 2nd sbv IMPROVER Network Verification Challenge aimed to verify and enhance existing biological network models. The NVC is expected to increase the networks' value and promote their use in research applications such as drug discovery, personalized medicine and toxicological risk assessment.

Why Participate?

As participants, your main motivation to contribute in the NVC should be the desire to be part of a scientific community curating networks that describe biological processes in the lung, with a greater purpose to advance the field of systems biology. In addition, you will:

  • Contribute to writing peer-reviewed scientific articles describing the outcome of the challenge ;
    get invited to the post-challenge Jamboree 2015 in Barcelona, Spain (compete for one of 15 travel bursaries)
  • Enhance your visibility and gain recognition in the scientific community through a reputation engine ;
    grow your professional and personal networks by engaging with researchers from around the world
  • Gain early access to high-quality biological network models and download the published biological network models (providing that you have made significant contribution to the verification process)
  • Provide significant contributions to using network biology in toxicology as well as drug and biomarker discovery
  • Learn new biology, including network representation techniques (OpenBEL).

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How does the challenge work?

1. Online Crowd Verification
The scientific community participates in an online verification process to review, challenge and enhance network models of biological processes in the respiratory system (April 2014 - April 2015).

2. Network Jamboree
Once the online verification process is finished, the most active challenge participants and domain experts will be invited to a 3-day meeting in Barcelona (Spain) to review the results of the online verification process, examine disputed edges and evidence, and reflect on the future of network verification activities (15-18 June 2015).

3. Network dissemination and continuous improvement
Based on the outcomes of the online verification and Jamboree, the biological network models will be finalized and published on this platform, and be available for continuous use and refinement.

Figure 1 Outline of the crowd-verification verification process View the illustrated steps involved in the NVC challenge


Best performers of NVC II

We would like to thank all participants that took part in the Network Verification Challenge.

The best performers were announced at the sbv IMPROVER Jamboree 2015 in Barcelona, Spain and the identity of the Best Performers was published in Nature (Volume 523 Number 7562, 30 July 2015, page 495).

Best performers of NVC II

From left to right: » Modesto Berraquero Perez » David Garrido Alfaro » Manuel González-Veléz Racero » Rubén Amián Ruiz » Alejandro Ferreiro Morales » Ángela María Fajardo Lacave » Sergei Davidyan » Ganna Androsova » Manuel Peitsch (Philip Morris International, Organizer and Host) » Irina Shvydchenko » Aishwarya Alex Namasivayam » Borislav Simovic » Neha Rohatgi » Rajesh Mandarapu » Susana Martinez Arbas » Jorge Val Calvo » Swapna Menon » Shaman Narayanasamy » Julia Hoeng (Philip Morris International, Organizer and Host) » Dheeraj Reddy

Not in the picture: » Maria Biryukov » Ángel Herrera Insua

Best performers of NVC I

We would like to thank all participants that took part in the Network Verification Challenge.

The best performers were announced at the sbv IMPROVER Jamboree 2014 in Montreux, Switzerland and the identity of the best performers was published in Nature (Volume 509 Number 7499, 8 May 2014, page 127).

Best performers of NVC I

From left to right: » Qingxian Lu » Jennifer Park (Selventa, Organizer) » Aravind Tallam » Julia Hoeng (Philip Morris International,Organizer and Host) » Larisa Fedorova » Svetlana Guryanova » Edward Sanders » Galina Igorevna Koroleva » Gema Villa Fombuena » Rahul Kumar » Norberto Díaz-Díaz » Swapna Menon » Ilona Binenbaum » Mariya Zelikman » Ilya Yudkevich » Manuel Peitsch (Philip Morris International, Organizer and Host)

Not in the picture: » Vladimir Bondarenko » Oleg V. Bulgakov » Vera Cherkasova » Julia Guzova » Elena Kozhemyakina » Noa Lavid » Yael Ouliel » Samantha C. Peterson » Alexander Prokhorov » Sarah Schrier » Golan Schwaitzer Neta » Irina Shvydchenko » John Wu

  • Ilona Binenbaum
    Systems Bioengineering Group - National Technical University of Athens, Greece
    Network Contribution: Angiogenesis, Hypoxic Stress, Growth Factor, Notch, Dendritic Cell Signaling, Apoptosis, Osmotic Stress, Fibrosis
  • Vladimir Bondarenko
    Touro University Nevada, United States
    Network Contribution: Hypoxic Stress, Oxidative Stress
  • Oleg V. Bulgakov
    University of Pittsburgh, United States
    Network Contribution: Cell Cycle, Hedgehog, Oxidative Stress
  • Vera Cherkasova
    Network Contribution: Mechanisms of Cellular Senescence, Oxidative Stress, Dendritic Cell Signaling
  • Norberto Díaz-Díaz
    Intelligent Data Analysis Group (DATAi), School of Engineering, Pablo de Olavide University, Spain Network Contribution: Response to DNA Damage, Autophagy, Cell Cycle, ER Stress
  • Larisa Fedorova
    University of Toledo, United States
    Network Contribution: NK Signaling, Neutrophil Signaling, B-cell, NFE2L2, Necroptosis, Autophagy, Hypoxic Stress, Fibrosis, PGE2, NFE2L2
  • Svetlana Guryanova
    Shemyakin & Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Federation
    Network Contribution: Neutrophil Signaling, Macropohage Signaling, Senescence, B-cell, Cell Cycle, Notch, Calcium, th1, th17
  • Julia Guzova
    Network Contribution: Oxidative Stress, MAPK, Nuclear Receptors
  • Galina Igorevna Koroleva
    USAMRIID, United States
    Network Contribution: B-cell, Neutrophil Signaling, Epigenetics, Tissue Damage, Nuclear Receptors
  • Elena Kozhemyakina
    Network Contribution: Hedgehog, Regulation by Tumor Suppressors
  • Rahul Kumar
    Institute of Microbial Technology, India
    Network Contribution: Cell Cycle, Growth Factor, Apoptosis
  • Noa Lavid
    Technion Institute, Israel
    Network Contribution: Fibrosis, Apoptosis, Wound Healing
  • Qingxian Lu
    Louisville University, United States
    Network Contribution: Treg Signaling, Th17 Signaling
  • Swapna Menon
    AnalyzeDat Consulting Services, India
    Network Contribution: Hox, Epigenetics, Growth Factors, Xenobiotic Metabolism Response
  • Yael Ouliel
    Technion Institute, Israel
    Network Contribution: ER Stress, Cell Cycle, Apoptosis, Neutrophil Signaling, Fibrosis, Cell Interaction
  • Samantha C. Peterson
    Northeastern University, United States
    Network Contribution: B-cell Signaling
  • Alexander Prokhorov
    Shemyakin & Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
    Network Contribution: Cell Interaction, Hypoxic Stress, Oxidative Stress
  • Edward Sanders
    Edward Sanders Scientific Consulting, Switzerland
    Network Contribution: Oxidative Stress, Cell Cycle, Mechanisms of Cellular Senescence, Neutrophil Signaling, ECM Degradation, Autophagy, Apoptosis, Mapk, Clock, Cytotoxic T-cell Signaling, Th1 Signaling, Response to DNA Damage, Tissue Damage, Endothelial Innate Immune Activation, Epithelial Mucus Hypersecretion, Immune Regulation of Tissue Repair, Macrophage Signaling
  • Sarah Schrier
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
    Network Contribution: Dendritic Cell Signaling, Immune Regulation of Tissue Repair
  • Golan Schwaitzer Neta
    Technion Institute, Israel
    Network Contribution: Apoptosis, Angiogenesis, Cellular Senescence, Response to DNA Damage
  • Irina Shvydchenko
    Kuban State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism, Russian Federation
    Network Contribution: Neutrophil Signaling, Tissue Damage
  • Aravind Tallam
    Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    Network Contribution: Macrophage Signaling, Immune reg tis rep
  • Gema Villa Fombuena
    Pablo de Olavide University, Spain
    Network Contribution: Growth Factor, Cell Cycle, Oxidative Stress
  • John Wu
    Cal Biopharma, United States
    Network Contribution: Hox, Nuclear Receptors, Angiogenesis
  • Ilya Yudkevich
    University of Manchester, United Kingdom, living in the United States
    Network Contribution: Epigenetics, Cytotoxic T-cell Signaling, Fibrosis, Angiogenesis, Tissue Damage, Nk Signaling
  • Mariya Zelikman
    University of Washington, United States
    Network Contribution: Immune Reg of Tissue Repair, Th17 Signaling

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