Species Translation Challenge - The Challenge

Species Translation Challenge - The Challenge

The Species Translation Challenge is closed.


Rodent studies have proved indispensable as models of human diseases and have undoubtedly helped to unravel molecular mechanisms. The biomedical field has generally worked under the assumption that biological processes in mice or rats can correspond to biological processes in humans under analogous conditions. Yet few studies have addressed the limitation in which biological events observed in rodents can be translated to humans. Providing some answers to this fundamental question will be invaluable to the biomedical research community as rodent models will continue to be a central tool in biomedical research.

The Species Translation Challenge will involve four sub-challenges that together aim to shed light on several important questions faced by the field:

  • Can the perturbations of signaling pathways in one species predict the response to a given stimulus in another species?
  • Which biological pathway functions and gene expression profiles are most robustly translated?
  • Does translation depend on the nature of the stimulus or data type collected such as protein phosphorylation, gene expression and cytokine responses?
  • Which computational methods are most effective for inferring gene, phosphorylation and pathway responses from one species to another?

For the purpose of this challenge gene expression, phosphoproteomic and cytokine data have been collected to help address the translation question within and between species.

The Species Translation Challenge will consist of four sub-challenges, each addressing a different aspect of translatability. Please click on the links below to find out more information about each of the sub-challenges:

  1. Intra-Species Protein Phosphorylation Prediction
  2. Inter-Species Protein Phosphorylation Prediction
  3. Inter-Species Pathway Perturbation Prediction
  4. Species Specific Network Inference

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The sbv IMPROVER management wish to acknowledge the work of:

C. Mathis, L.G. Alexopoulos, C. Poussin, V. Belcastro, J. Binder, S. Boue, A. Iskandar, E. Bilhal, P. Meyer, R. Norel, J.J. Rice, K. Rhrissorrakrai, G. Stolovitzky, J.Hoeng, M. C. Peitsch

in the design and development of the Species Translation Challenge.


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